From time to time, Kraemer Development raises equity for its development projects and acquisitions through a private placement program.  Kraemer Development’s approach to raising equity is simple and straightforward.  Kraemer Development will not raise equity for a project unless we believe in the opportunity and invest alongside the third party investors.  Our goal is to create solid investment opportunities for long term equity growth.

The trust you place in Kraemer Development to invest your hard earned capital is not taken lightly -- we realize the responsibility you’ve placed in us and we strive to put our investors in a position to be successful.  While real estate investing is not without risk, Kraemer Development tries to mitigate that risk by thorough due diligence and an investment structure.  If you invest with Kraemer Development, only your investment is at risk, as Kraemer Development bears the responsibility of all guarantees, operations, and refinancing.  There will be no calls for additional capital.  And, you know we’ll work hard to try to make the project a success because Kraemer Development invests along with you under the same terms and conditions.

Feel free to contact Kraemer Development for more information on investment opportunities.